Monday, 10 March 2014

Weight On Your Mind?

For some unfathomable reason most people assume that all brides lose weight before their wedding days.

They don’t.

Everyone knows how hard it is to lose weight, right?

Even if you have no personal experience of trying to lose a few pounds yourself, you must be aware of the struggles of people around you. In fact, it seems how fat or thin people are is the only thing certain (terribly dull) TV channels and magazines ever report about!

We can be absolutely certain that losing weight is hard to do if you are overweight to begin with. We can be equally certain that if you begin with a healthy BMI it is even harder.

I’m no clinician. I don’t have any training in nutrition or exercise or biology. But I do have extensive experience of dealing with women. Women of every conceivable shape, size, age and attitude who are all thinking about looking their very best for their imminent wedding days and special occasions. 
A lot of them are trying to lose weight regardless of whether they need to for heath reasons or not. 

Most of them do not succeed.

Over the last 20 weeks I have been training for a marathon. This has involved consistently running 100 miles a month and expending an extra 5000 calories a week exercising. On the advice of my coach I have also been writing down everything I eat and drink.
During the course of my training plan my calorie expenditure has gone up dramatically and my intake has stayed roughly the same, as has my weight.


This is a perfect illustration of how brilliant our amazing bodies are!
My body has adapted perfectly to my increased training regime and held on to all the energy it needs to keep me fit and healthy throughout it.

Brides have brilliant, amazing bodies too. 
When a bride is a healthy weight to begin with but decides to eat less or exercise more in order to become smaller for her wedding day, (which baffles me for many reasons but not least because presumably her fiance didn’t require her to be smaller before he proposed, did he?), her body will behave in the same way as mine has. It will work its little socks off to keep her safe and healthy and hold on to every little calorie it can for dear life!

A healthy body is a perfect body.

Your body is amazing! If you are lucky, it is moving you around, enabling you to see, hear, smell, touch, taste and do fabulous things!

Please be grateful for it, please try to love it and look after it, and if you really can’t bring yourself to love your brilliant body just yet, then keep trying to focus on all its wonderful positive attributes and at the very, very least, PLEASE! don’t EVER actively or verbally hate your brilliant body in front of your daughters.

All of womankind will thank you for it.